Sokka once had a sexist attitude (The Water Tribe were traditional with gender roles because it was “the natural order of things”) but after being humbled by Suki and her fellow Kyoshi Warriors, he began to see women as equals and developed a newfound respect for them. 

A++++ Character Development

 OH MAN I CAN GO ON AND ON WITH THIS ONE    # but this is my favorite character arc    # the first five minutes of this show already mentioned the word ‘sexist’    # I knew it was going to be special    # and its a girl calling out her brother that he’s an idiot    # his sexism stems from ignorance    # and the viewers get to understand WHY he was sexist    # he grew up in a environment where the men were warriors    # but he never (and the series never showed) female water tribe warriors    # his father entrusted him to look after the tribe and his sister    # he doesn’t think men are better than women    #but rather he believed there are certain things women at good at (feminine activities like sewing and men are good at (masculine activities    # imagine katara had to go put up with this bullshit    # she calls him out but does he listen? no    # because he’s stubborn and people tend to not listen to their family members    # so he needed someone very special to smack that sexism out his system    # Suki made him a better person    # after being outmatched by this superior warrior    # he HUMBLES himself and took his humiliation an opportunity to learn from someone who is clearly more skilled    # and then he APOLOGIZES his behavior    # again Suki teaches him another lesson when he said ‘I treated you like a girl when I should have treated you like a warrior’

Yeah I mean I couldn’t agree more when it comes to this…that the WORD “SEXIST” APPEARS IN THIS SHOW AT ALL let alone in THE FIRST MINUTE of in-narrative dialogue is exceptional.

I firmly believe that Katara’s instant, prodigious mastery of Waterbending reaffirms this development, as does Sokka’s unerring friendship with the incomparable Toph Beifong.




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idk if i can rly call these a series, its more just an elaborate excuse to draw skies


Bumi: Well, there is this one girl….

Sokka: You’ve come to the right place! My advice for keeping her interested is to maintain maximum aloofness.

Bumi: Actually, I think I’ve got this under control.


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(a few of) my favorite sokka lines


  #the best iteration of this character type EVERRRRR

#quoted for truth #characters like #sokka #are so often frustrating because they end up being a nice guy(TM) #or bitter and resentful about their insecurities #while having a huge sense of entitlement #and the most annoying part is that 9 times out of 10 the narrative doesn’t recognize these flaws #and acts like the guy is the epitome of goodness and decency or something #but sokka isn’t like that at all#sure he has his flaws but the writing was always self-aware about those flaws #and sokka himself really WAS a genuinely good guy. brave and honest and loyal and a great friend and brother #ilu sokka (via candyumbrella)