Did you have any imaginary friends when you were a child? (X) - Matt Smith, Chicago Comic Con 2014

Matt: And then Arthur was outside getting cross cause I was soaking wet, fully clothed in the bath.
Karen: I mean really angry.



Matt & Kaz - Calgary Comic Con Panel - 26 April 2014


Can you guys tell us some embarrassing Arthur Darvill stories?  

Matt: Arthur - there was a time in New York, I’m not going to tell you the real story here. It’s a bit of a story, the real story - it’s perhaps not for this environment. We were really late, weren’t we, for a press thing?

Karen: Oh, yeah.

Matt: And sometimes Arthur would get [imitating Arthur] quite sort of hit up, and he would be like, “GUYS, WHERE ARE YOU? WHERE ARE YOU? WHY DO I ALWAYS HAVE TO BE DAD?”

Karen: Yeah, like he screamed it, like really seriously.

Matt: And I’d just fallen in the bath, fully clothed.

[Karen laughs hysterically] 

Matt: It’s true. We’ll leave it at that, but…

[Karen continues to laugh hysterically].

Karen: I can’t believe that you fell in the bath…

Matt: Yeah, yeah…

Karen: I’m crying with laughter. You fell in the bathtub!

Matt: I know. She was there! And I was just like [stands up and falls back into chair].

Karen: I was like, “Are you okay?”

Matt: And we were just about to leave the room, and you were just, you were just…

Karen: I mean…

Matt: …on the floor, laughing at me. And then Arthur was outside getting cross cause I was soaking wet, fully clothed in the bath.

Karen: I mean really angry.




[leans against the wall flirtatiously] [leans too far] [falls over]

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There was this one Christmas where Matt got obsessive about badgers? He had a hand puppet that was a badger and he would just maul me with it. And the weirdest part was I didn’t even bat an eyelid. —

Karen Gillan [x]

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I love— I have a very close soft spot for Karen, I love Karen. She’s my great, great friend. And she’s just— y’know, she’s just so ridiculous. I can’t even begin to tell you. Y’know, she seems like, "[imitating Karen’s accent] Oooh nooo, I’m in a world of my own," but actually, she’s very smart, and she’s really clever, and she’s very funny, and she’s a great drinking buddy as well, so. But she’s from Scotland, they know how to do it. Um, and yeah, so, y’know. I’d run through a brick wall for Kazza. I would. —Matt Smith talking about Karen Gillan during his panel at the St. Louis Wizard World Comic Con (via mattandkaz)