Arthur, talking about one of his many death scenes in the episode, Cold Blood

From Doctor Who Confidential.

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“I’ve never really held babies before. I held one abot six months ago and I was rubbish with it. I had it in my lap and it was just kind of slipping down and I was, Right, I think you should take this away from me.” So I was quite nervous…”

Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper on the Doctor and Rose’s relationship in Series One

Doctor Who Confidential - 1.4 - I Get a Side-kick Out of You


Title: What I like About You
Music: The Romantics
People: Karen & the Babes (Karen Gillan, Matt Smith, Arthur Darvill)
Description: The members of Karen & the Babes being their adorable hipster selves behind the scenes of Doctor Who.
Notes: I know loads of people have done these sorts of vids already, but I had to give it a hand myself. This was a bittersweet experience, given that DWC has been axed and now with the news of Karen and Arthur departing from DW next season. Still, it was loads of fun to make, and I hope you guys enjoy it. :)

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Toby Haynes

Toby! I miss you! Please BBC, give us Confidential back, I need more Toby


for six great years of behind the scenes shenanigans. Because of you, I now believe I can produce my own TV show including stunts, special effects and monster makeup. 

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